Intriguing African Fiction, 2016

Sitting down to write about international fiction can be overwhelming simply because there is so much good stuff available, and any entry will inevitably leave so much out. Consider this a glimpse of interesting novels coming from outside our borders – in this case, coming from authors in countries throughout Africa.


Nigeria’s literary scene is booming. Blackass by A. Igoni Barrett is satire in which a young Nigerian man wakes up white – except for his ass – and sets off into Lagos to go job hunting. Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John is a coming-of-age novel set in Northern Nigeria, as Dantala grows up surrounded by extremism and violence yet finds his way forward through faith. And After Many Days by Jowhor Ile is set on the Nigerian coast in 1995. A teenage boy goes missing, his disappearance ripping through his family as his younger brother searches for him and instead finds family secrets. Continue reading “Intriguing African Fiction, 2016”