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Money Smart Week: It’s Never Too Early (or Too Late) to Save for Retirement

Judy Hucka, editor of the BetterInvesting Puget Sound Chapter Newsletter is our guest blogger today. BetterInvesting is a non-profit organization dedicated to investment education. On April 29 they will be hosting a program on Basic Investing at Central Library. The Newsletter is available for viewing at the … Continue reading

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Money Smart Week 2017

If you’re starting to feel fretful about this time of the year (end of March, beginning of April), you’re not alone. Tax deadline is near. Have you done what you promised your new year’s resolution you’ll be doing? Have you … Continue reading

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How to Start Investing

Investing can be a scary word, especially with the effects of the 2008 financial crisis still lingering in many people’s lives and memories. But no matter what your risk tolerance is there are tax-efficient ways to save for your life … Continue reading

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Money Smart Week: Learn to invest

Investing information is notoriously steeped in jargon and the underlying concepts themselves aren’t exactly the most user-friendly. Whether you are planning to start investing on your own, or just want to be more informed when you talk to your broker, … Continue reading

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A little investment help from your friends: Tips from the library for bond investors…..

Library users who invest know that stock information is available 24/7 online via The Library’s free databases Valueline, Standard and Poor’s NetAdvantage and Morningstar.  But what kind of help can the library give with bonds?  Bonds are harder to research than … Continue reading

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Learn to Use Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage

Don’t miss an upcoming opportunity to learn about one of our business and investment databases, Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage on Thursday, March 12 at the Central Library. There will be two 90-minute sessions, one from noon-1:30 and one from 6-7:30 … Continue reading

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New Database: Value Line Research Center Online

The Seattle Public Library is now offering the Value Line Research Center Online!  It is available on all library computers and remotely through our website.  The database features the online version of the popular Value Line Investment Survey that analyzes approximately 1,700 stocks in … Continue reading

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