A Bit of Library Magic: Ancestry Library Edition

I believe in library magic. I’ve seen it many times in my sixteen years with the Seattle Public Library. Now some may wonder “What is library magic?” Well, its finding that newspaper article from 1937 that talked about your grandmother, discovering that movie you grew up watching over and over as a child and enjoying it now as an adult, chasing down the book your mom used to fall asleep reading and you would make sure to mark her page before turning off the light, and its tracking down a relative from searching family trees in Ancestry Library Edition.

My personal story with library magic was the latter. I had been playing with Ancestry off and on over the years, but it wasn’t until I started looking at the Ancestry Library Edition database we offered that I really got pulled in. I focused on my mother’s side because they kept the best records and slowly found our native home: Roscommon, Ireland. Continue reading “A Bit of Library Magic: Ancestry Library Edition”

The Irish Are Coming! Irish Genealogists Coming to Seattle!

farmhouse-beara-ireland-by-cc-attribution-license-from-mozzercorkAre you tracing your Irish roots? Do you know the background of your ancestors? Were they Irish or Scots-Irish? Want to know more …

Find out more at Central Library (Level 4, Room 2) at a special Irish Genealogy Advice Clinic from the Ulster Historical Foundation, on Monday, March 9, from 10:15 to 11:45 a.m.

Speakers from the Ulster Historical Foundation are in Seattle Sunday, March 8 to present an Irish and Scots-Irish Research program sponsored by the Irish Heritage Club and the Seattle Galway Sister City Association. As a follow-up event, for those who cannot make it on Sunday, or who want to hear more, they will provide a free advice clinic at The Seattle Public Library on, Monday March 9.

In a classroom setting these genealogists will offer Continue reading “The Irish Are Coming! Irish Genealogists Coming to Seattle!”