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Burlesque 101

Join us November 18th at Timbre Room, 7-8:30pm, for Carnal Knowledge, a burlesque show designed to educate and entertain. Performances featuring Miss Kitty Baby, The Marquis Façade, Mx. Pucks A’Plenty and more! Hosted by Donatella Howe this show will explore the … Continue reading

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A Little Life, A Little Home, A Little Break

In December I got engaged and bought a house with my fiancé and my mind has been abuzz with all the planning and decorating and, honestly, “grownup-ness.” I thought I would use inspiration from that to kick off the new … Continue reading

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Bus Reads: December

The Library of Unrequited Love by Sophie Divry. A librarian finds a man asleep in the basement near the section she is in charge of. Before the door opens to the public she decides to take that time to tell … Continue reading

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Bus Reads for November

The Regional Office is Under Attack by Manuel Gonzales. First off swearing and lots of it, which I love because for some reason it makes me giggle over and over and over again. But secondly, great female leads, which I … Continue reading

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It’s November! And if the beard hasn’t made it’s presence known yet, it will this month! Between No Shave November bringing awareness to prostate cancer and the winter chill filling the air; the hair will grow!! And because we are … Continue reading

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Bus Reads for October

The Well by Catherine Chanter has an edge of magical realism, but for the most part it is the struggle for life, marriage, family, and self under pressure; I loved it. Mark and Ruth Ardingly seek a new start. They leave … Continue reading

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We Are Tiny: Streetwise Fiction

Follow us throughout the fall for posts which highlight library resources and information that supports the Tiny: Streetwise Revisited exhibit at the Central Library and its community programming. The life of Erin Blackwell can be flipped through in a book … Continue reading

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