Gardening with Toddlers

We made a small garden space for my kiddo to play in to get him involved in the growing of things. It’s still mostly dirt play and mud making, which is a delight, but by planting that seed I hope his love for gardening grows as he gets older. Here are a few books in our collection that we’ve added to storytime at home to get him thinking and reading about the garden.

Dig In! by Cynthia L. Jenson-Elliott, illustrated by Mary Peterson
What kid doesn’t LOVE dirt?! This book is all about your child getting their hands dirty and what they will find as they play in the garden.

Green Green: a Community Gardening Story by Marie and Baldev Lamba, illustrated by Sonia Sanchez
Highlights the growth of community and reclaiming green spaces. Told through quick rhymes and colorful pictures. Continue reading “Gardening with Toddlers”

Rockabye Ocean: Picture Books for Bedtime

Water seems a well loved thing amongst little ones – splashing in the bath, stomping through puddles, and touching waves. With our own kiddo we often see him gravitate towards marine life like the dolphin screensaver on our tv or the marine animal bath toys that shoot water. That got me thinking about themed reads for bedtime because there are so many books out there! Here are a few water centered reads perfect for our Pacific Northwest kiddos as they wind down for bedtime.

Ocean Lullaby by Laura McGee Kvasnosky

A wonderful read for bedtime, this also came in handy during a midnight wake up session. The “shhh hush shhh hush” that mimics the waves as the ocean falls asleep almost put me to sleep as well, in the best way. Illustrations are lovely and who doesn’t need a little tropical escape during these last few winter weeks? Continue reading “Rockabye Ocean: Picture Books for Bedtime”

Tinkering Toddlers: Activities for At Home Play

A wicked cold, snow, and a closed daycare was making me a stir-crazed mama. I needed ideas to keep my kiddo’s brain learning and his body moving. I found a wonderful collection of books from the Library that gave me the boost and inspiration I needed to be the fun mom! 

Continue reading “Tinkering Toddlers: Activities for At Home Play”

Yarn Is All You Need

‘Tis the season to break out your yarn stash and start making some knots! My mom taught me to crochet at a very young age, though I mainly stuck to anything square shaped like scarfs and blankets. I finally started to branch out this year, and I’m finally making a hat, which inspired me to up my crochet game — and now my husband is getting interested in knitting.

Here are a few books in our collection that have us excited to get our hooks and needles creating!

Book cover image for Guys Knit.

Guys Knit the Instruction Manual: for the Man With Nothing to Prove
by Nathan Taylor

If you’re going to get your person hooked on knitting, you might as well meet them where they are! And while the author admits he doesn’t speak for all men, he does know a thing or two about knitting and teaching men how to knit. Published under the Haynes Manual family, known for their more popular car manuals, this book is a great guide (and gift) for the dudes in your life! Continue reading “Yarn Is All You Need”

Montessori at Home

Growing up I remember hearing about Montessori from an educational stand point. Relooking at it now, as a parent, has become sort of a fascination: the idea of my child being guided by his own independence – gaining self esteem and confidence in his ability do things on his own, but always knowing we are there if he needs us. Here are two authors in our collection that have me exploring the Montessori path at home.

Tim Seldin is an author, educator and the President of The Montessori Foundation and Chair of The International Montessori Council. He has more than forty years of experience in Montessori education, which includes twenty-two years as the Headmaster of the Barrie School in Silver Spring, Maryland. The Barrie School is a progressive independent school that serves students with Montessori and Project-Based Learning curriculum.

How to Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way by Tim Seldin

Great introduction to applying Montessori educational principles to our day to day home life. He covers the beginnings of your child’s life to age six with clear and concise language and visuals. Continue reading “Montessori at Home”