Honk! Fest! West!

The Honk Fest logo by Melissa! Photo by Amy C. Abadilla

This year the Fourth Annual Honk Fest West, a free three day community supported music festival, will be taking place on May 13th-15th. I luckily stumbled upon this event last year due to a friend of mine creating the logo for the event.  I attended the Georgetown location and it was a blast! There was music everywhere you turned…every block, every nook, street, and sidewalk! You could hear the sounds of drums, trombones, tambourines, and cymbals….clanging and crashing and creating a vibration in your soul. People were dancing and jumping with huge smiles on their faces enjoying the revelry. Continue reading “Honk! Fest! West!”

Bite Me

“Vampire? Such a provocative word, wrapped in too many clichés and girly novels.” -Uncle Will, The Radleys

Yup, more vampires…admit it, you love them…or love to hate them, but either way they are here to stay. They are making their way into our literature and our movies, but they don’t always have to leave a bad taste in our mouths.

Author Matt Haig introduces us to what looks like a normal suburban couple, but underneath the facade The Radleys are anything but normal. Peter and Helen Radley are abstaining vampires, who have two teenagers, Rowan and Clara, who know nothing about their supernatural traits. After Clara experiences a tragic night their hidden life is threatened and in a haze of worry Peter calls upon his brother Will for help, but Will, a practicing vampire, has even more secrets that could destroy this family. Together they will come to realize some secrets need keeping; even lies can protect the ones you love.

Currently in production for Season Four in the United Kingdom, Being Human brings George, the werewolf, Mitchell, the vampire, and Annie, the ghost, all under one roof. They decide to live among humans and attempt to live ordinary lives, but  it doesn’t come as easy as they would hope. They struggle with their own natures, the threat of being exposed, and fighting over who does the dishes. With humor and horror alongside one another this series keeps you entertained and on the edge of your seat.

Be Your Own Hero

I’m currently riding the wave of anticipation. One of my most beloved childhood spots is making a comeback. The Southgate Roller Rink in White Center is currently undergoing renovation and is slated to open in April! I’ve already decided to have my birthday there and it will be the go to activity for my nieces and me…and I hope to see more sightings of the Rat City Roller Girls!

Continue reading “Be Your Own Hero”

Stupid Cupid

Oh, Valentine’s Day … how I utterly dislike you. Every year I try to avoid this holiday like the plague and try to come up with different ideas so the day doesn’t choke me with its pink tulle grocery store displays, giant 7-Eleven Valentine’s Day cards and red “I LOVE YOU” Mylar balloons. One year I was lucky enough to have all my friends available since we were all single. We decided to dress in black and go out to dinner together! It was lovely. This year, however, all my friends are coupled! What’s a single gal to do!?!? Continue reading “Stupid Cupid”

And They Lived…

As children our parents read us stories with happy endings; it’s just part of the innocence of childhood and into adulthood we come to expect that big Hollywood ending. The first movie I saw that didn’t go the way I wanted it to was My Best Friend’s Wedding starring Julia Roberts. I was angry that Julia Roberts’ character didn’t end up with her best friend. It was only years later that I began to respect the unhappily ever after and understand the fulfillment that can be achieved from being on your own. I can still be caught by surprise when something doesn’t end in a perfect picture, but then I smile and am thankful because I feel like someone is telling me the truth rather than lying to me. Continue reading “And They Lived…”