Kehinde Wiley: A Richer Republic

Click here to view Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic in the SPL catalogThere they are, in dramatic pose, embellished by a florid, heavily patterned background.  Commanding your view, a delicious mix of vibrant color, dramatic flair, dare and mystery.  Just who are these people, anyway? What did they do to warrant a place on the world stage?  Not only that, they have assumed the pose of a historic figure, have stepped, you might say, mightily into the very shoes of history.

They are the chosen ones.  Strangers who were stopped on a Harlem street and invited to be photographed.  He shows them his previous work.  He pulls out books with examples of paintings anywhere from the 16th to the 19th century that are inspiration for this work. See that pose? That one, this one.  Which pose resonates with you? Now, arrange your body to mirror it. Continue reading “Kehinde Wiley: A Richer Republic”