Language Learning for Business

Today’s job market is very competitive and being able to speak another language might just give you an added edge. If your end goal is to be fluent or nearly fluent in a language so that you can put it on your resume then I suggest you start your language learning journey with the resources covered in our first language learning post. These resources will give you a good basis for building your language knowledge. Once you have some knowledge of the language you can use the specific resources listed below to make your language knowledge relevant to your career. Continue reading “Language Learning for Business”

Language Learning Resources for Children

Learning another language is not just for adults who want to travel. When children learn another language they improve their vocabulary and cognitive ability, so it is no wonder many parents are now starting their kids off young. Even just learning a few words can be useful. There are many fun and easy ways to introduce a child to a different language. Here are a variety of resources for tiny tots to preteens. Continue reading “Language Learning Resources for Children”

A Plethora of Language Learning Resources

Have you decided what language you want to learn? If you missed our first post on language learning and want advice on how to decide which language to learn then click here. If you already know which language you want to learn then let’s jump right in.

The majority of language learners are doing it for fun or personal enrichment. Whatever your reason the following resources can help, but we will also have posts focusing specifically on language learning for kids and language learning for business or career advancement so keep an eye out for those as well. Continue reading “A Plethora of Language Learning Resources”

Resources for Learning Another Language



Have you ever thought about learning another language? Are you interested but not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by the options and not sure what would work best for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this series of posts is for you.

Learning a second (or third or fourth) language is a popular activity. Research has shown that it not only improves cognitive development in children but can also stave off dementia later in life. Who wouldn’t want those benefits? And with all the resources and technology we have these days it is easier than ever to learn just about any language out there.

This first post is dedicated to figuring out what language you should learn. If you already know what language is best for you then the next post will be May 23 and you can bide your time until then by having a look at our language learning webpage to get an idea of some of the library’s resources. So let’s begin… Continue reading “Resources for Learning Another Language”

Top 5 Free Tools for Learning a New Language

photo by CC attribution license from Eden Politte', selva on flickrWant to learn a new language for free? We have some suggestions for tools that will help you. Here are our top 5 free resources for learning a language.

1. Byki Online – The Seattle Public Library doesn’t offer Rosetta Stone, but we do offer two fantastic online learning services, including Byki Online! Continue reading “Top 5 Free Tools for Learning a New Language”