Dina Rubina, Napoleon Wagon Train – Дина Рубина – «Наполеонов обоз»

If the name Dina Rubina sounds strange to an American ear, to a Russian it’s a house-hold name. The author of over fifty books; thirteen novels, twenty-nine collections of short stories, and twelve collections of essays, not to mention eight movie scripts is Rubina’s impressive accomplishment.

The Seattle Public Library has thirty-seven of Rubina’s books, are all in Russian. The library has just received the third volume of her second trilogy, Napoleonov oboz: Angelskii rozhok.

(Napoleon Wagon Train: Angel’s Horn); the first volume goes under the title Riabinovyi kiln (Rowan Wedge), and the second is called Belye loshadi (White Horses). Napoleonov oboz is this author’s second trilogy; the first one was Russian Canary (Russkaia kanareika), also offered by our library.

Following The White Dove of Cordoba and Russian Canary, Napoleon Wagon Train is Dina Rubina’s third and most successful foray into a full-fledged romance-adventure thriller genre. Lovers of Rubina’s work need no encouragement to get lost in her new trilogy while a few hesitant readers might consider five major reasons why Napoleon Wagon Train is worth a read. In fact, it will reward its reader with much delight and amusement. Continue reading “Dina Rubina, Napoleon Wagon Train – Дина Рубина – «Наполеонов обоз»”

Return to Sanctificum

Sanctificum cover imageChris Abani is one of the most significant living poets of English letters. But don’t take my word for it, let Abani take your imagination on a spiritual journey from Africa to America. Follow his life engraved in memory, life that could have ended at the sweet age of 18 when he was sentenced to death for his stand against big oil in his native Nigeria. To die is to return he will later say in the first poem. Continue reading “Return to Sanctificum”