Science Fiction Friday: Staff Favorites

In the Garden of IdenMatterRunning with the DemonGreen ThumbSteelheart

Here are a few science fiction (and one fantasy) book recommendations from our staff:

In the Garden of Iden by Kage Baker
In the dystopian future, biodiversity and cultural treasures have been lost through human folly… or would be, if a shadowy entity called “The Company” was not working behind the scenes, sending immortal misfits through time to live in the past, collecting rare species and valuable artifacts for “discovery” later on. This is book one in a series that blends science fiction with historical fact, delicious language and a healthy dose of epic romance. — Anne, Central Continue reading “Science Fiction Friday: Staff Favorites”

Staff Favorites: Teen fiction our library staff loves

Etiquette & EspionageMomo, or The Curious Story about the Time Thieves and the Child Who Returned the People's Stolen TimeMore than ThisHaroun and the Sea of Stories

Prep School ConfidentialDaughter of Smoke & Bone

Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger
Reading Gail Carriger is like eating a favorite pastry and discovering an unusual filling: light, decadent, funny, paranormal steampunk adventure—this time for teens! Sophronia is a young lady who’d rather climb the side of a building than the social ladder. Fortunately for her, she’s been sent to the right finishing school. Delightful hijinks and dangerous mysteries ensue. If you like Terry Pratchett or Jasper Fforde, this is a series to investigate. — Jenny, Central Continue reading “Staff Favorites: Teen fiction our library staff loves”

Staff Favorites: 5 nonfiction books we love

Turn around Bright EyesInstant CityMagic HoursWild TalesBitter Is the New Black

Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals of Love & Karaoke by Rob Sheffield
Rolling Stone editor Rob Sheffield oozes popular culture and arcane rock music trivia from every pore. But in a good way. In this memoir (his third!), he explains his addiction to singing karaoke, even though he can’t sing. He also tells endearing stories about falling in love with his glam-rock, astrophysicist wife, spending a week at rock ’n’ roll fantasy camp and gradually turning into Rod Stewart, like all men do. – Hannah, Ballard Continue reading “Staff Favorites: 5 nonfiction books we love”

Savory goodness in a dish

Comforting. Yummy. Satisfying. Those words are from the back cover of Potpies: Yumminess in a Dish and they perfectly describe this type of savory mini-pie. After trying several commercial varieties, I thought to myself, wouldn’t a salmon potpie be delicious—and oh-so-Northwest? I wasn’t able to find one (either store-bought or from the many excellent pie shops in Seattle) so I decided to make some myself, with help from the library’s cookbooks. Continue reading “Savory goodness in a dish”

Struck By Lightning!

Lightning, Denver, CO (DI01560), Photo by Carlye CalvinWere you mesmerized by the recent news story about the motorcyclist who survived a lightning strike on I-5 during our severe weather last week? His hair was singed and an ear blackened, but other than being a little dazed, he lived to tell the tale. Although the odds of being struck by lightning in the U.S. are only about 1 in 175,000, a surprising number of people have received a direct hit from a bolt of lightning and survived. What is it like to undergo this usually-fatal experience? As it so happens, The Seattle Public Library has a number of fascinating materials about this phenomenon. Continue reading “Struck By Lightning!”