Library Reads for March 2019

Here’s a list of 12 novels releasing in March that librarians across the United States are recommending. And because librarians made this list, you’ll also find a “read-alike” entry at the end of each description. Why a read-alike? They work two ways: If you recognize the suggested read-alike title as one you enjoyed before, it lets you know that this new title is one you might like, too. The other way read-alikes are helpful is that they tend to be older and more widely available titles. If there’s a long wait list for the featured title, and it sounds like the perfect book for you, the suggested read-alike may be something you’d also like — and can get quickly. You’ll notice that in the descriptions for the new 2019 books that librarians often add a line along the same lines, such as “if you liked Gillian Flynn, try this one.” In a nutshell, this monthly list has solid recommendations, with insightful guidance for a variety of reading tastes.

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10 new books librarians are loving

Each month librarians across the U.S. nominate new books they love for the Library Reads Top 10. Here are the ten titles for August 2017 — nine novels, one memoir — for you to get on your hold list now. Also, these titles work for your Summer Book Bingo “recommended by a librarian” square!

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#BookBingoNW2017: Read a Book Recommended by a Librarian

This one should be easy: it is kind of why we’re here. People think we present our Summer Book Bingo each year as a way to encourage readers over the Summer, adding variety and sense of play to your reading list, and that’s certainly true. But we have an ulterior motive: we want to give you an excuse to come talk with us about books!

So please, drop on by your local library and let us help you complete this square of your bingo card. Don’t be surprised if instead of blurting right out with the latest book we’ve enjoyed, we ask you a few questions about what books you’ve enjoyed lately. Our goal is to suggest a title that will suit your taste and mood. Give it a try: we’d love to help!

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Romantic Wednesdays: Librarian Favorites of 2014

By Eric G.

Library Reads, a website that compiles the favorite books of librarians each month, recently released their “Favorites of the Favorites 2014” list, which highlights the books that have stood out among the favorites this year. I wanted to highlight three titles that made the cut because they also offer sweet, unconventional love stories.

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry in the Library catalogThe Rosie Project in the Library catalogOne Plus One in the Library catalog

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Romantic Wednesdays: Recent Favorites

~posted by Eric G.

Every month, librarians across the country contribute to LibraryReads, a site that features top ten lists of new, noteworthy books. These lists cover books across all genres that are often missing from other lists, from self-help books to biographies to romance. Here are some recent romance favorites from our nation’s librarians.

Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda JonesSixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones

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