A Region of Makers

We are a region of makers, artists, renegades, foodies, and punks. When you throw all that together we have some of the best markets to explore all that can be imagined! From the bigger markets like Renegade Craft, Urban Craft Uprising, and The Great Junk Hunt to more localized markets like Georgetown Night Market, Chinatown ID Night Market, and Black Arts Love.

Tacoma Night Market at Alma Mater

Some of my favorite markets have been the night markets in Tacoma and Gig Harbor. Summer is also the best time to check out artisans at the summer festivals like Magnolia Summerfest and Lake City Summer Festival. Feeling really adventurous head down (or up) to Portland Night Market in Portland, Oregon or Richmond Night Market in Richmond, BC! Continue reading “A Region of Makers”

Free and Inexpensive Activities in Seattle

~posted by Tina M. 

Looking for things to do this spring and summer, but you’re on a budget? Well, look no further! In this post you will learn about fun, free (or insanely cheap) things to do on your own or with your kids and family!

Recreational Activities:

Fortunately for Seattleites, there are plenty of recreational activities to do around or near Seattle. If you’re looking to explore nature and get outdoors, we are home to some of the most magnificent hikes. As the weather starts to warm up, you can find unique hiking experiences all around. Here are some early season hikes! Imagine the snow melting away, where you are treated to the beautiful sights of melted snow, the sounds of serene waterfalls and birds flying atop the magnificent trees! I say it’s time for a hike! You can find some wonderful books on hiking in Seattle here.  Continue reading “Free and Inexpensive Activities in Seattle”

Looking for events in Seattle?

~posted by Anne C.

Seattle is a dynamic city, with enough going on throughout the year to pique anyone’s interest—but when you’re new in town, or have been here a while and want to break out of your routine, it can be a challenge to find just the right show, reading, club gathering, or event to plug into. This can be especially true when you find yourself newly in charge of a small child, a relative of a different generation, or any out-of-town guest with tastes much different from your own.

Never fear, though. The Seattle Public Library is here to help you have a great time! Continue reading “Looking for events in Seattle?”

2014 A. Scott Bullitt American History Lecture presents George Packer

Click here to view The Unwinding in the SPL catalog~posted by Carl K. 

George Packer has a disconcerting point of view about the United States. The New Yorker journalist, who will be the speaker for The Seattle Public Library’s 2014 A. Scott Bullitt American History Lecture, looks through the lens of individual Americans to see the state of the nation in his book, The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America.

Click here to view U.S.A. in the SPL catalogIs the United States a nation on the rise or on the decline? The book’s title tells the conclusion—we are not winding our way up; we are unwinding. Loosely based on the John Dos Passos’ Depression-era classic fiction trilogy, U.S.A., Packer’s nonfiction look at a new America tells the story by giving portraits of people ranging from the working poor to fabulously wealthy and privileged people, stopping off to briefly sketch celebrity icons and give context through cultural markers like headlines, song lyrics and advertising. Continue reading “2014 A. Scott Bullitt American History Lecture presents George Packer”

Seattle’s Negro Repertory Program

Ethelmarie Hubbard Collection of the Black Heritage Society of Washington State, Inc.

On Saturday, December 1st, the Douglass-Truth Branch will host a lecture and Q&A session on the Negro Repertory Company in Seattle. The program will be provided by Dr. Barry Witham, emeritus professor of Theatre at the University of Washington.

A federally-funded theater program, the Negro Repertory Company was a project of the Works Progress Administration. The Company offered employment to African-American actors, dancers, musicians and singers during the hard years of the Depression, and entertainment to the citizens of Seattle. Continue reading “Seattle’s Negro Repertory Program”