Magical Tales by Women of Color

I went on a search for stories with a magical theme to them by authors who are women of color. On my search I managed to procure these six stories for your enjoyment. They are all a little different, so hopefully you’ll find one to strike your fancy.

The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig is a novel with an unusual time traveling premise. To time travel you need an accurate map of when and where you want to go and a strong belief that time travel will work. Nix, our main character, is on her father’s ship as he time travels to Victorian Hawaii in an attempt to bring his wife, Nix’s mother, back from death. What will happen to Nix if her mother is saved?

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Magical Thinking

Sometimes we need a little magic in our lives, whether we create it ourselves or look to others to create it for us. Let these magic-makers offer you inspiration, wonder, and escape.

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman is a classic of the genre. It introduces us to sisters Gigllian and Sally Owens and their efforts to endure the Owen family curse. The sequel, The Rules of Magic is about the Aunts in the 1950s & 60s. Also look for Hoffman’s forthcoming book, Magic Lessons (out in October) to learn the origin of the Owen family curse. Continue reading “Magical Thinking”

Staff favorites: fantasy

Posted by Jen B.

The 2014 Spring/Summer edition of Staff Favorites is now available! Here, in their own words, Library staff members share some great fantasy fiction for your summer reading list.

Thinking Woman's Guide to Real MagicThe Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker
A doctoral candidate on the verge of ditching her thesis takes a weekend trip to attend a wedding. After losing her way in the woods, she finds herself in an alternate world governed by shape-shifters and magic-wielders. What ensues is a surprising adventure—a blend of the Harry Potter series and Pride and Prejudice. –Sarah, Lake City Continue reading “Staff favorites: fantasy”

Romantic Wednesdays: Spell Books

Posted by Eric G.

There is no shortage of romance books featuring witches, supernatural creatures and magical goings-on. One of the most prominent tales of the past few years is A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. For fans of this book, the third and final chapter, The Book of Life, is due in July! I’ve conjured a few more titles that are worth checking out in the meantime.

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Science Fiction Fridays: A sleight of hand

The perfect weekend read for anyone who enjoys short stories with wonder, magic, heart and hidden depths that appear seemingly out of nowhere.

 Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link

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