Books for Giving 2011: Picture Books

There have been so many wonderful picture books published in 2011 it is hard to make a list shorter than 20! I have compromised and made a list of 8 and also added links to two sites that have done an excellent job of reviewing their best picture book choices for 2011.

Enjoy reading with your children and inspiring them, too!

Me– Jane by Patrick McDonnell
Here is a picture book story of the early life of Jane Goodall. Her love of Africa and animals began at a very young age. This book has charming illustrations.


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Let’s have a feast for 10!

Enjoy picture books with your children — and each of the books below has a recipe that goes along with the story:

It’s breakfast time. Enjoy classics like the wordless picture book Pancakes for Breakfast by Tomi DePaola and Pancakes, Pancakes! by Eric Carle with your child. Then head to the kitchen to cook up some delicious pancakes.

Next up you may want to have noodles for lunch or supper, so read The Story of Noodles by Ying Chang Compestime and head to the kitchen to make Long-Life Noodles. “It is the custom in China to make big slurping noises while eating noodles. It is believed that the louder the noise, the more delicious the noodles.” Don’t forget to make sure that you and your child are “eating a drumstick,” “sucking a worm” and “cutting the grass.” Continue reading “Let’s have a feast for 10!”

What’s new in children’s picture books

Ten Little Caterpillars by Bill Martin Jr.

Bill Martin Jr. and Lois Ehlert team up to make a wonderful read aloud about nature and counting. Where will these ten little caterpillars venture to in the garden of life and what will happen to them?


Caveman, A B.C. Story by Janee Trasler
Experience adventure, humor, and friendship all while learning your ABC’s. This book has fun illustrations and an actual storyline to entertain you and your little one.


 Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes by Eric Litwin

Pete the Cat is back and he is going to school! Follow Pete as he takes on new experiences, like going to the library for the first time, riding the bus, or eating at the cafeteria. All these things could be pretty scary but “does Pete worry? Goodness, no!” Pete’s so cool he has his own song. Check it out along with the book.


If Rocks Could Sing: A Discovered Alphabetby Leslie McGuirk

Leslie McGuirk takes rocks she has found and cleverly creates vignettes that describe the alphabet. Check out the rocks that looks like ghosts for “G” and the face in pain for “O” (ouch!).

Grandpa Green by Lane Smith

A quiet story of a boy exploring his great grandpa’s garden and learning about his great grandfather’s life as he wanders through his amazing topiary garden.

When you have finished these stories and want to know more about children and reading make sure to check out this Reading Rockets newsletter designed for parents and teachers.

     ~ Mary P. and Cass M., children’s services librarians

Here a blog, there a blog — keeping up on children’s literature

Looking for ways to keep up on the latest in children’s literature? Here are five of our favorite blogs that can help you with that:

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    Book Dads
    This blog by three dads highlights books that show fatherhood in a positive light. Book Dads includes book reviews, spotlights authors and interviews, gives advice and resources for dads to help promote reading to their children, and provides parenting resources for dads

  • Abby the Librarian
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  • Jen Robinson’s Book Page
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  • Six Boxes of Books
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    Children's book Fall Apples
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  • Five Great Books
    Anastasia Suen, author of 129 books for children and adults, a literacy blogger, and a former teacher (to name just a few of her many talents) writes this blog that lists great books for children beginning to read.

And if this makes you want to learn about even more blogs here are more lists to excite you about books. These lists are all taken from the KidLitosphere Central site: Children’s and Young Adult Literature, Author and Illustrator blogs andPublisher/Editor Group blogs.

~ Cass M. and Mary P., children’s services librarians