Metro Reads 4: What are you reading on your commute?

Photo by Ian Edelstein; Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection, Item No 109639Some books we saw on Metro and Link:

Dispatch from Brooklyn: Metro Reading

A while ago Shelf Talk had some posts on what people are reading on the buses in Seattle.  I’m visiting family in New York right now, riding the subway every day, and decided to check out the reading tastes of New Yorkers on the MTA. 

I had to be careful that the riders wouldn’t think I was stalking them, so I kept my glances furtive. Some people have book covers to keep their reading private. Others are so lost in what they are reading that they get off at their transfer stop, never taking their eyes off their book, and stuff themselves into the next train, hold on to the strap, and manage to read and turn pages with one hand.

My first target was the man sitting next to me on the F train from Brooklyn to Columbus Circle in Manhattan.  He was reading a book in Russian.  I can recognize the Cyrillic alphabet because I took a few years of Russian when I was in junior high in Milwaukee Continue reading “Dispatch from Brooklyn: Metro Reading”

Metro Reads 3: Books on the bus — and the train!

What are you reading during your commute? We asked six downtown commuters what they saw people reading on their transit rides last Thursday: 

Seen any good books on your commute? Listening to anything interesting? We’d love to hear what you’re reading — and what you’ve seen others reading.



Metro Reads 2: What are you reading on the bus?

book cover for Roasting in Hell's KitchenDo you notice what people are reading? At a coffee shop? At the dentist’s office? On the bus? We notice — and not just because we work at a library. Sometimes we notice because we want a good book to read; sometimes we get excited because we read and loved that same book. Most of the time, though, we notice as a sort of exercise in urban anthropology.

Below are just a few of the titles Library staff members spied on their commutes home. Oh, your book isn’t on here? Your bus isn’t on here? Please let us know what you’re reading — and what you spy others reading on the bus.

Metro Reads: Books spotted on local buses

Photo by Chasten FulbrightWe’re always interested in what people are reading: We’re the ones on buses craning our necks to get a look at book titles and authors. Perhaps you’re the one maneuvering the book cover at the perfect covert angle to make us really work for our noseyness. Or perhaps, like us, you also notice what others are reading. No judgments; no assumptions. Just curiosity.

Here are a few titles we spotted on Metro and Sound Transit buses around Seattle earlier this week: