Seattle Times at the Seattle Public Library

If you live in Seattle, you’re probably familiar with The Seattle Times newspaper. You may scan the paper each morning to keep abreast of breaking news and recycle it the next day, its value gone with the printing of the next issue. However, headlines from 20, 50 or 100 years ago can provide a fascinating look at the culture and politics of our city throughout its history.

The Seattle Times grew under the ownership of Alden Blethen and his family and has a rich history. Prior to Blethen, the newspaper had undergone several name changes and mergers to become the Seattle Times as we know it today. 

The Central Library has archives of the Seattle Daily Chronicle (1881-1884), Seattle Daily Call (1885-1886), Seattle Daily Press (1887-1888), Seattle Press (1886-1891), Seattle Times (1889), Seattle Press Times (1891-1895), Seattle Times (1895-1896), Seattle Daily Times (1896-1966) and  Seattle Times (1966-present). We offer these titles in a variety of formats: loose print, bound print, microfilm and digital.  

For the most part, the pre-1900 issues have been bound Continue reading “Seattle Times at the Seattle Public Library”