Seattle Rep’s KING CHARLES III: Beyond the Theatre

Seattle Repertory Theatre presents KING CHARLES III by Mike Bartlett from November 11 to December 11, 2016. Librarians at Seattle Public Library created this list of books and DVDs to enhance your experience of the show: Seattle Rep’s KING CHARLES III: Beyond the Theatre

king-charles-iiiSingular in his distinction of being a king-in-waiting, the Prince of Wales, has waited to ascend to the throne longer than any other in the history of the British monarchy.

In his play, King Charles III: A Future History Play, playwright Mike Bartlett, takes the situation in hand by fast-forwarding us into an imaginary future where, at last, the prince is king.

Of all the kingly difficulties his majesty might face, Bartlett hands King Charles III a key dilemma of our time. In an age of fluidity, of knowledge rife with leaks, sudden slippage and pools of disclosures, where monsoons of minutia consume our attention and floods of fact and fiction endlessly overflow, what is the public, truly, entitled to know? What is the role and responsibility of the media in disclosing information and/or sensation to the public? Continue reading “Seattle Rep’s KING CHARLES III: Beyond the Theatre”