Movie Mondays: Pictures about Pictures

Two critically acclaimed documentaries about art, Finding Vivian Maier and Tim’s Vermeer, have recently been released on DVD. The holds list for those titles is a bit long, so while you wait for your copy to come in feel free to check out these other fascinating documentaries about art and the lives of artists. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Pictures about Pictures”

Movie Mondays: Charming Cheats

~posted by Mike

One of the great opportunities cinema affords us is the chance to be a willing accomplice to acts we would otherwise condemn in real life. Robbery is horrible, fleecing deplorable, but with Cary Grant’s smile everything is adorable. The real magic of movies is that there are no repercussions once the house lights come up. The following films take devilish delight in depicting the most dashing and debonair grifters and shoplifters the screen has ever seen. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Charming Cheats”

Happy Birthday Harry Dean Stanton!

~posted by Mike S. 

Click here to view Alien in the SPL catalogHarry Dean Stanton may not be a household name but he sure is a household face. One of the most iconic character actors in film history, Stanton has been working steadily for the past sixty years. Perhaps you remember his brief appearance in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, where he stumbled upon a naked Mark Ruffalo climbing out of some debris. The Internet Movie Database lists 187 credits to Harry’s name and he shows no sign of stopping, even as he celebrates his 88th birthday today. In honor of this momentous occasion, let’s highlight some of Harry’s most memorable performances.

Click here to view Repo Man in the SPL catalogStanton began his career in television, appearing on classic shows like Bonanza and Gunsmoke. Despite roles in venerable movies such as 1967’s Cool Hand Luke, he didn’t start appearing consistently in feature films until the 1970s. But before long, Stanton was working with some of the most celebrated directors in film history, including Sam Peckinpah, Francis Ford Coppola, and John Huston. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Harry Dean Stanton!”

Movie Mondays: First & Final Features

Click here to view The Night of the Hunter in the SPL catalogSometimes getting a handle on an artist’s oeuvre can be a bit daunting. Even tackling the output of creators whose work we adore can be an uphill battle. For example, Howard Hawks is my favorite director but I’ve only seen a measly 13 of the 47 films he helmed. Imagine the plight of the John Ford fan that has a total of 145 credits to contend with. Contemporary master Johnnie To has made more than 50 movies since the 1980s and he shows no sign of stopping. By the time his electric Drug War played at SIFF last year, his latest film Blind Detective was already in Chinese cinemas. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: First & Final Features”

Movie Mondays: Hitchcock through the Decades at the University Branch!

alfred hitchcockFew artists have had such long and successful careers as the supreme stylist of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. The University Branch is celebrating Hitchcock’s remarkable longevity with a film series showcasing one film from each of the six decades he worked in, from the silent era of the 1920s all the way to the grimy Technicolor styles of the 1970s. Please join us on select Mondays at 6:00 all summer long for chills, thrills, and free popcorn! Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Hitchcock through the Decades at the University Branch!”