Raising a Money Smart Kid

Penny the Pig at the Central LibraryDoes trying to raise a money smart kid mean that you want to come home to a little Gordon Gecko calculating the P/E ratio for their next stock purchase? Probably not. Although my preschooler would look great in a power suit, I think I would rather focus on giving her the tools she needs to make thoughtful decisions about her personal finances based on her values. How in the world do I do that, though? Continue reading “Raising a Money Smart Kid”

Money Smart Week: Making sense out of saving money

MSW Piggy BankRemember when your parents first got you that cute little piggy bank? It was a big deal because it symbolized a financial rite of passage and instilled a growing sense of independence. And after completing a series of mundane tasks or chores you could triumphantly deposit your hard earned money into it at the end of the week. Continue reading “Money Smart Week: Making sense out of saving money”