Frugal Friday Fun

Green Pig in Central displayMost of us don’t mind having fun that costs a little less….as long as it is just as fun as the costlier kind! Here are a few frugal AND fun ideas to get you ready for the weekend.

First, take advantage of the library’s museum passes program. With your SPL card, you can reserve and print out an admission pass to participating Seattle museums at no charge! Continue reading “Frugal Friday Fun”

Raising a Money Smart Kid

Penny the Pig at the Central LibraryDoes trying to raise a money smart kid mean that you want to come home to a little Gordon Gecko calculating the P/E ratio for their next stock purchase? Probably not. Although my preschooler would look great in a power suit, I think I would rather focus on giving her the tools she needs to make thoughtful decisions about her personal finances based on her values. How in the world do I do that, though? Continue reading “Raising a Money Smart Kid”

Romantic Wednesdays: Love and Money

~posted by Marlene H.

As the saying goes, “the love of money is root of all evil.” But to paraphrase another saying, “everybody needs roots.” Or, to put it the way that a lot of mothers do, “it’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich person as a poor one.” We always hope it’s a joke!

In celebration of Money Smart Week, let’s take a look at different ways that money and love can be intertwined to make a romance work—or fall apart. Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Love and Money”

Savvy shopper secrets

My dad taught me early, a penny saved is more than a penny earned because you don’t have to pay taxes on it. I didn’t really understand taxes then, but the rest of it made perfect sense to me. We had very little money and talked often about how to get more for less.

A lot of what I’ve learned was from reading this list of books here at the library! Here are some neat tricks to save money while shopping: Continue reading “Savvy shopper secrets”