Money Smart Week: It’s Never Too Early (or Too Late) to Save for Retirement

Judy Hucka, editor of the BetterInvesting Puget Sound Chapter Newsletter is our guest blogger today. BetterInvesting is a non-profit organization dedicated to investment education. On April 29 they will be hosting a program on Basic Investing at Central Library. The Newsletter is available for viewing at the Level 7 Business, Science and Technology desk also at Central Library.

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, retirement may seem like a long way off. And you may already feel financially stretched, paying off student loans, saving to buy a house, or starting a family.

But saving and investing even small amounts of money now can give you a much better chance of being able to retire comfortably in your 60s (maybe even earlier). Something as simple as cutting out that daily latte or packing your lunch rather than eating out every day can add up surprisingly fast. Continue reading “Money Smart Week: It’s Never Too Early (or Too Late) to Save for Retirement”

Money Smart Week: Free Student Loan Advice

Tony Leahy is our guest blogger today. He is the Education Subgroup Chair of the Washington Attorney General’s Student Loan Workgroup, and Executive Director at CENTS (Consumer Education and Training Services Program) – a financial literacy organization. On April 22 he will be co-hosting a program on Student Loan Repayment and Options. For more information on student loan debt, check out this resource list.

It’s time we talk openly about student loans. Almost everyone knows an adult burdened by student loan debt.  An article in the August 2016 edition of Consumer Reports magazine reported 42 million people owe $1.3 trillion in student debt and nearly 1 in 5 borrowers is in default. In other words, student loan debt is a national epidemic. We are seeing this play out locally as well.

“Many of Washington’s current and former students struggle under a heavy burden of student debt,” Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said. “There are many resources available to help these borrowers manager their loans.”

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Money Smart Week 2017

If you’re starting to feel fretful about this time of the year (end of March, beginning of April), you’re not alone. Tax deadline is near. Have you done what you promised your new year’s resolution you’ll be doing? Have you put your financials in order for the upcoming year?

Have no worries. We’re here to help. Continue reading “Money Smart Week 2017”