Demanding Drama

~posted by Frank

It started off just like any other weekend. I left work on Friday afternoon with three DVDs that were waiting for me on the holds shelf, looking forward to some escapist entertainment. By the end of the weekend, I was in a state of despair, since these three movies were dark, difficult and downright diabolical. Watch at your own risk – you’ll be rewarded. Just a bit rattled. Continue reading “Demanding Drama”

Movie Mondays: The #1 Most Underrated Movie of 2015

-posted by Kate S.

cover image for Jupiter AscendingJupiter Ascending is the best movie you didn’t see this year, and I’m here to tell you why.

Critics widely panned this scifi opera by the Wachowskis–Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 26% rating, and it had a similarly dim review at Even the people who thought it was enjoyable said that it was so bad you couldn’t miss it just for the experience. Common criticisms include an incomprehensible plot, embarrassing dialogue, derivative elements from other scifi films, and over the top performances. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: The #1 Most Underrated Movie of 2015”

Movie Mondays: Thanksgiving Films

~posted by Frank

When you hear about holiday films, most people wax nostalgic for heartwarming Christmas films. But what about Thanksgiving? While four of the most popular Thanksgiving flicks may tug at the heartstrings, eventually, it’s usually dysfunction and family drama that’s front and center. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Thanksgiving Films”

Movie Mondays: Sci-Fi for Short Attention Spans

~posted by Frank

I’m about to make a heretical statement, but I find many sci-fi films to be….boring. There’s never a lack of grand ideas to explore, but often I find them to be less than compelling on the screen. And then there are great sci-fi films like Interstellar – but at nearly three hours, it felt like an eternity. So, I offer you three recent sci-fi flicks – two quiet, one action-packed – that kept me intrigued and clocked in at under two hours. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Sci-Fi for Short Attention Spans”