Take a Hike

My first hike was at Camp Waskowitz in fifth grade. I was terrified my asthmatic lungs were going to slow me down, but although I wasn’t the fastest hiker, I made it! It would be another five years though before I would attempt another hike, this time Steamboat Rock. I was a teenager and probably felt like it would be no problem, but for a moderate hike it was intense for me. I slid numerous times, thought my lungs were going to explode, was way too hot, but when I saw the view from the top it was worth it.

I’ve done a few easy to moderate hikes since then: Silver Falls State Park and Opal Creek Wilderness in Oregon, and just finished my first visit to Mount Rainer and hiked to Paradise. Below are a few books that highlight the places I’ve been, the places I will soon go, and I encourage you all to go take a hike! Continue reading “Take a Hike”