Here’s Looking at You!: Documentary Films about Artists

An artist’s life can be as compelling as the work they produce. A documentary, at best, strives to render a portrait of the artist as honestly as possible. This, of course, is as close as any of us will get to being in the same room with a person whose life and work draws us in.  What will you find that you do not, already, know?  Will this new view enhance the experience of the art or detract from it?

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Nightstand Reads: On tour with The Head and the Heart

What do musicians read when on tour? We asked Charity Thielen, vocalist and violinist in The Head and the Heart, to give us a peek at her nightstand reads (or, rather, tour van reads) when they were on the U.S. leg of their three-month tour (they’re playing in Amsterdam tonight, then it’s on to Glasgow). We’ve been following their tour and so we asked Charity what she’s read recently.

Tour Reads from Charity Thielen:

Thank you so much for asking! Reading is the best!

Editor’s note: We feel even more of an affinity for the group when we read that  their song “Down in the Valley” was actually created in the Library – in one of the free music rooms on the 8th floor of the Central Library. Check out this Seattle Times article on their background, take a look at a recap of their SXSW appearance, view the “Lost in My Mind” video and place a hold on their debut CD. Soon they’ll be back in the U.S. to play the Troubador before a triumphant return home to two shows in Seattle on April 29 and 30, and next month at Sasquatch Music Festival.
Thank you, Charity, for writing to us from the road!

Good Shouters

I was raised listening to two bands: the Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Now that I’m older, I can fully appreciate Mick Jagger’s swagger and his singing, but as a child, I much preferred McCartney and Lennon. Why? Easy. Because they were shouters.

Since then, I’ve gravitated toward the shouting musicians. Punk is fun, and there’s lots of yelling to be found, but I prefer melodic, pop-y shouters.

A Short List of Good Shouters
The Beatles
Elvis Costello
Frank Black (The Pixies)
David Yow (Jesus Lizard)
Paul Westerberg (The Replacements)
The Violent Femmes
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