The Power of Truth: Easy Biographies for Kids

Sometimes a book that tells a true story of a fantastic adventure or a monumental idea that changed the world can overshadow any picture book or work of fiction, simply because the story is true. There is something very powerful about telling a child, this story actually happened. Done well, children’s books can bring events in history to life and show children the immense possibilities that exist in our world, the challenges that can be overcome, and that dreams can come true.

Our libraries are packed full of biographies, but today I want to share a few great ones available for the younger set. Much like a picture book, these biographies include beautiful illustrations, an engaging story, and the ability to excite children about history and people’s impact on the world. Continue reading “The Power of Truth: Easy Biographies for Kids”

Strange History

Picture of the book "The Dancing  Plague." Click here to find it in the catalog.One hot July day a woman walks out of her house and starts dancing. She dances for hours and then days. Soon other people become infected with the dancing plague and before long hundreds are uncontrollably dancing in the streets. Sounds like a great science fiction story, right? Well it actually happened in Strasburg, Germany in 1518. Continue reading “Strange History”