Celebrating 100 Years of the National Park Service

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the National Parks Service. Not to be mistaken with the designation of national park land, which began more than a century ago, the National Parks Service is composed of all the people who keep those parks functioning and open to the public: park rangers, visitor center interpreters, maintenance staff, fire crew, fisheries and wildlife crews, and many more. Here at the Library our favorite way to celebrate something is to read about it, so enjoy these suggestions of books set in national parks and featuring employees of the National Parks Service.

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September Question of the Month – an irregular series

I’m having the dickens of a time finding a definitive answer to the question “what is the largest nature preserve in the world?”  I’ve searched the web for hours and find many conflicting claims to the title but nothing with a reputable source. Since you have many resources beyond the Web available I’m hoping you can solve this problem for me. If you do come up with an answer please provide the source.  Thanks.

Thank you for your question regarding the largest natural preserve in the world. We found two sources stating that the Northeast Greenland National Park is the largest nature reserve (national park) in the world.

Nature Reserves of the World
1. Northeast Greenland National Park. The territory of the world’s largest nature reserve is 972 thousand square kilometers. On its territory can accommodate 163 smallest countries in the world. Opening of the Northeast Greenland National Park, May 22, 1974 at virtually uninhabited northern municipality Ittokortoormiit in eastern Greenland.
In 1988, to the park it added 272,000 square kilometers of county Avannaa in North Greenland. In 1977, the Northeast Greenland National Park was granted the status of the international biosphere reserve. The park Continue reading “September Question of the Month – an irregular series”