Cultivating a Love of Nature with Children

The clouds are disappearing and the temperatures are warming, which means the summer months are just within reach in the Pacific Northwest! Take a book or two along as you and your kiddos head to the park or the beach. You’ll satisfy the curiosity of those little scientists and enhance your family’s appreciation for our astounding natural world. Just take care to keep those library books from falling into Puget Sound!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak
Recommended for ages 2+
Revel in the warm glow of these stunning illustrations as you and your child read about summer’s gradual transition to autumn. The main character chats easily with the elements and creatures of the natural world, creating a sense of friendliness and compassion between humans and nature. Continue reading “Cultivating a Love of Nature with Children”

Dreaming of Wild Places

Cold weather and snow (snow!) make me want to curl up under my bubble lights and dream about outside adventures in the natural world. I like a touch of nostalgia too, so here are a few memoirs that are intricately connected to the time and place they were written in, with a great mindfulness for the land and seas.

My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell
Gerald Durrell is widely known as naturalist and animal collector who was deeply committed to species conservation. While his animal collecting books document fascinating adventures around the world, I love it when he turns his engaging writing to focus on his family dynamics. This is a quirky, eccentric, highly enjoyable read set in Corfu and boyhood: full of beautiful and silly reminiscences of a different time, a different place, and a family of weird and marvelous characters. Continue reading “Dreaming of Wild Places”