Do you like speculative fiction? Check out Seattle’s own Clarion West!

GaimanClarionWestselfieThe Clarion West Writer’s Workshop is a gem of the Seattle literary world. They hold workshops throughout the year and a fantastic, crowd-funded write-a-thon for writers around the world. Continue reading “Do you like speculative fiction? Check out Seattle’s own Clarion West!”

Science Fiction Fridays: Alternate holidays

I am a proud Grinch. I don’t enjoy anything about the holidays; not the lights, not the food, not the music and definitely not the cold weather. However, one thing I do love is a heartwarming science fiction tale, and it seems like even the most dour author can turn out a warm and fuzzy when it arrives around this time of year. So while I only enjoy the holidays because it means new stories from some of my favorite authors, you may find these suggestions will only add another bit of cheer to your celebrations.  Here are some science fiction choices that will make your Christmas out of this world! Sorry about the awful pun. Continue reading “Science Fiction Fridays: Alternate holidays”

Neil Gaiman fans vote for ‘Neverwhere’

The last time HarperCollins posted a free Gaiman book, American Gods was the people’s choice and it was a hands-down success. This time they’ve made Neverwhere the 30-days or bust book! The novel will be available to read for 30 days, then expires. Until then, though, freeeeee! (You just need Adobe Digital Editions, which you can download for free, too.) If Neverwhere dissolves into computer atoms at the end of the thirty days and you haven’t finished reading it, never fear: You can always download the audio or ebook from the SPL catalog!

It might also be good to note that Neil Gaiman will be in town on Oct. 3 to do a reading for his new novel, The Graveyard Book (it’s sponsored by University Bookstore). Or maybe I should leave that out—I already have to get in line super early just to get into that reading!      ~ Deb B.