PressReader: the World From the Library

I like reading news from other countries. There tends to be a shift in perspective that can help clarify issues and controversies.  Whether you are from another place, a student doing a report on another country, or just someone who is fascinated by the world, then PressReader is the database for you. Here are just five reasons to love it.

PressReader is Comprehensive

PressReader (formerly Press Display) includes more than 5000 newspapers and magazines from more than 100 countries in more than 60 languages.

When you open PressReader you’ll see the Home Feed, a collection of articles selected for your geographic location. As you sweep right on the Home Feed, more articles will appear so you can do this forever.

home feed

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Movie Mondays: Films about the Fourth Estate

This month, two highly anticipated TV series – Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom and  House of Cards, the critically acclaimed Netflix original series – are available on DVD. Both shows deal with journalists and the power of the news media, a topic that was the subject of three smart, classic award-winning films.
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His Girl Friday (1940), based on the Broadway play The Front Page, stars Cary Grant as Walter Burns, a newspaper editor who tries to get his ex-wife, reporter Hildy Johnson (Rosalind Russell) to write her last big news story, and maybe just prevent her from marrying insurance salesman Bruce Baldwin (Ralph Bellamy) at the same time. Howard Hawks directed this screwball comedy to perfection, and the chemistry between Grant and Russell is on full display with witty, overlapping rapid-fire dialogue that you’ll want to watch over and over to make sure you don’t miss a single line. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Films about the Fourth Estate”

Tips from a news junkie

One of our librarians, Jesten, has me totally hooked on PressDisplay, an online library service featuring hundreds of U.S. and international daily newspapers. I knew Jesten was a total news junkie, but it was her post on Push To Talk this week that reeled me in—and ended up being extra handy for me.

Recently I was trying to track down an article from the Seattle P-I, but couldn’t find it through the paper’s online search, which was absolutely crazy because I knew the exact headline and even the page where it appeared. Jesten points out that with PressDisplay, you see the newspaper in its entirety, so I could easily find the article on page 8 upper left corner I spied over someone’s shoulder on the 41. Check out Jesten’s post for tips on using PressDisplay.