First Step Cottage Food


You may have noticed on our website that this autumn on Monday nights, Delridge Library is hosting a six-week workshop for anyone wanting to start and run a home-based food business. This event is cosponsored by the Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship, and registration is required. Continue reading “First Step Cottage Food”

Get Ready for Tinkerlab!             


Tinkerlab is back at Delridge Library! We had a successful spring season and with many patrons requesting its return we have scheduled some dates for the fall. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, Tinkerlab is a weekly all-ages STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused program teaching 21st century skills like critical thinking, technological fluency, creativity, problem-solving and computational thinking. Continue reading “Get Ready for Tinkerlab!             “

South West Stories: Ken Workman

“This we know; The earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth.  This we know, all things are connected like the blood which unites one family.  All things are connected”

–Chief Si’ahl, Namesake of the City of Seattle

On Sunday, Aug 21, 2 p.m., Delridge Library hosts Ken Workman, member of Duwamish Tribal Council, and great-great-great-great grandson of Chief Seattle. This event is part of the South West Stories monthly series presenting the history of West Seattle, the Duwamish Peninsula and the Birthplace of Seattle – in collaboration with Southwest Seattle Historical Society. Continue reading “South West Stories: Ken Workman”

Art Books in Nature

West Seattle’s Camp Long will be hosting another fabulous event Aug 20-21. Visit the park to walk in the woods, witness musical performances across diverse genres, or participate in art activities, writing workshops and open mics, juggling, costumed hikes through the forest, and naturalist events. The festival also features the “Museum of Sound” where artists will occupy Camp Long’s eight rustic cabins with installations of sound, music and art. For two whole days Camp Long will be a hotbed of creative energy sure to inspire artists and nonartists alike. Continue reading “Art Books in Nature”

125th Anniversary Series: Librarian Spotlight on Roberta Meredith (1927-1958)

2016 marks the 125th anniversary of The Seattle Public Library. After it was adopted as a department of the city in 1890, the Library opened its first reading room in Pioneer Square on April 8, 1891. To honor this milestone, we will be posting a series of articles here about the Library’s history and life in the 1890s. We also encourage our patrons to share their favorite memories of SPL on social media using the hashtag #SPL125. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest. – editor

Over 50 years ago, University Branch (UNI) was the largest branch of Seattle Public Library, with the highest circulation, number of registrations and visitors. Roberta Meredith – one of SPL’s longest-standing Head Librarians – presided.  Through 30 years of community growth, the Depression, wartime and modernization, Meredith witnessed many changes. For example in 1944, nineteen new staff were hired at University Branch and 22 left! Building and technology improvements of this time included flashy items like a new typewriter, a cash register (1951), the book drop (1952), and natural gas heating (1957).

roberta meredith recordak
Roberta Meredith (second from left) observes patrons using the Recordak checkout station, 1951. University Herald

During the Depression, Meredith witnessed extensive layoffs across the system (62 full time employees), reduced salaries (of up to 21%) and benefits, with a reduced book budget of 47%. Work weeks increased to 44 hours, and WPA workers were hired to do Page and Maintenance work. At the same time, massive unemployment brought in more patrons, with a University Branch 1933 peak circulation of 355,234 books. Meredith reported a 63-foot long line of borrowers waiting at the Circulation desk. To give you a comparison, in 2015 UNI’s circulation was 194,669 books. Continue reading “125th Anniversary Series: Librarian Spotlight on Roberta Meredith (1927-1958)”