Earth Day: How about no trash in Seattle?

It’s Earth Day again! Break out the recycled-paper banners and … well, what does one do to honor Earth Day?

This year I would like to highlight the work of one Seattle-based website that’s doing its part towards sustainability by offering an event called No Trash Week. The goal of this event is not to eliminate garbage entirely but to become mindful of what areas of your life generate waste and make changes that are reasonable for you. Participants are asked to, “Think about what you eat, how you commute, how you move things from place to place, how you share information and take notes…”

From April 20 to 26 you can post your daily trash tally on the No Trash Week website and share useful feedback and support with other participants. I am looking forward to discovering more sustainable ways to interact with the Library over the next week, both as an employee and as a patron!

Have you thought of ways to make your library experience “greener”? Or perhaps you have your own Earth Day traditions? Please share your thoughts with us. Then take a moment to peek at No Trash Week where I’ll be posting about my progress throughout the event.