Romantic Wednesdays: Spotlight on Nora Roberts

By Jessica W.

There are few authors in literature who are more prolific than Nora Roberts. With over 200 books to her name in 33 years of writing, she’s the undisputed queen of the contemporary romance novel. While people may want to write her off because she writes romances, the work she’s done in the genre has revolutionized it, bringing the love story from the traditional virgin-meets-alpha-male formula, told predominately from her point of view, to a more contemporary and realistic relationship between adults, with the story told equally from both the man and woman’s point of view. If that wasn’t enough, almost forty of those novels are in her In Death series, following a married couple as they solve crimes in 2058 New York City.

To pick up a Nora Roberts book can be intimidating—what’s good? What’s bad? Do you start with a trilogy? A stand-alone novel? Hopefully this post will give you some ideas of where you might want to start.  Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Spotlight on Nora Roberts”