Connect with Mango Languages

As we patiently await a time where we can all connect with each other again in person, many of us are seeking ways of connection that can be done from within the walls of our homes, or even the comfort of our beds. We engage with our digital devices to reach out to friends, keep up with news, or simply distract our minds for a while. One way SPL offers a way to connect from home, even allowing you to stay cozy in bed for a bit, is with a longer term goal in mind: language learning. Why not use this time to learn a new language, or continue your education with one you’re already familiar with? That way, when we all make our way back into the world, there’s an opportunity for connection that maybe you didn’t have before.Mango LanguagesMango Languages is an online language learning platform that Seattle Public Library offers free to all its patrons. It’s available from your web browser, or can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play – you just have to access it through SPL’s Online Learning page first.

Mango Languages AvailableThere are over 70 languages to learn from, including dialects for different regions (seems best to know Castilian Spanish vs Latin American Spanish if you’re planning to travel to Spain, right?), and it adapts to your learning style and pace, because we don’t all learn in the same way, and that’s important if we want all this great information to stick. Continue reading “Connect with Mango Languages”