Origami Boxes

I like to fold paper. A lot. I don’t like make cranes, other cute animals or little people. I like making boxes, and putting together geometric shapes.

There is one origami author and artist that is the queen of such things: Tomoko Fuse. Her boxes can be fairly (and I use the term loosely) simple, to quite complex and amazing.

A couple of my favorite books of hers are: Origami Boxes and Fabulous Origami Boxes

Tomoko Fuse (born 1951) is generally considered to be one of the pre-eminent living Japanese Origami geniuses. Tomoko first learned origami when she was 19 and in the hospital. She has published more than 60 books.

Another book of hers in a slightly different direction is: Unit Polyhedoron Origami

If you are a paper folder, or wish to be one, but don’t really want to make cranes and cute animals, these are the books for you.

       ~ Mike B., Central Library