For the Love of Winter

Winter has always been the time for me to slow down, to cuddle up, to pause and recharge, especially after the holidays. But that slowing down doesn’t stop me from enjoying the season.

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Winterlust: Finding Beauty in the Fiercest Season by Bernd Brunner. In winter I’m not hiding out until the sun comes back–if anything I’m more present and taking full advantage of the season. This book offers essays on the meditative quality of winter and all that it has to offer us, such as the magic of snow and the activities it provides, as well as it’s ability to turn us back into children again. Winter is also the season of comfort, along the lines of the popular hygge movement of warmth and contentment. As you embrace the season, that in turn slows you down to be here and now–instead of the go, go, go. Continue reading “For the Love of Winter”

New & Notable Northwest Nonfiction

A dozen new and updated books about Seattle and the great Northwest, past and present, are coming to shelves at a library near you.

Building Tradition: Pan-Asian Seattle and Life in the Residential Hotels by Rose Marie Wong. This history of the International District is told through the neighborhood’s single-room occupancy hotels. Continue reading “New & Notable Northwest Nonfiction”

Get Outside: Comfort

I long to have a backyard of my own someday, I envision hammocks and a fire pit and string lights and planters and of course an epic BBQ for my boyfriend and I to entertain guests. As we look for houses I’m searching for the yard that can bring that vision to life. In the meantime though it helps to do your homework and find things that will turn a backyard into a comfortable haven. Here are a few items that got me started:

Happy Home Outside: Everyday Magic for Outdoor Life by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau is a Happy Home Outsidewhimsical and colorful book. Beautiful pictures filled with nooks and hideaways where you can play with simple ideas to brighten up your outdoor space. From unique planters to colorful textiles like tablecloths and throw pillows. Mix and match odds and ends to update your BBQ or party space. Adorable storage solutions and easy DIY projects are found throughout. Just so much fun in one book! Continue reading “Get Outside: Comfort”