Surrounded by ADHD

The last year has been interesting, complicated, and/or stressful for all. In my household we add the diagnosis of ADHD to all of my immediate family members except me. One way that quarantine worked for my family is that we were all working or schooling from home. There was not the desperate search in the morning for keys, wallets, backpacks and anything else that we would need for the day but not placed in its “right” place.

Being all in the same house hasn’t been all easy though. Some of the ADHD behaviors have just transferred to other things. Like right now I am “reminding” my teenage son for the third time to clean the kitchen and do laundry. He is hyper-focused on his screen, whether it is his game system or YouTube. My husband, who is hyper-focused on work, is forgetting to “remind” him to do the chores. So it falls on me to remember what needs to be done and when.

I have gathered together a few books for me and hopefully for the men in my life to read/listen too. Hopefully it will make all of our lives easier and it could help your family, too.

Book cover image for ADHD 2.0

ADHD 2.0 New Science and Essential Strategies for Thriving With Distraction–from Childhood Through Adulthood

This book is coming out this year. I was able to get a sneak peak at it. The nice thing about this book is that it helps people and parents who are dealing with ADHD to look for what they or their loved ones are really good at. It is kind of a nice change because usually the focus of these books is what is wrong with people and how to fix it. Continue reading “Surrounded by ADHD”

Romantic Christmas Movies

Nothing says Christmas season to me more than cuddling up under a warm blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and watching a holiday romantic movie.  Unfortunately, I don’t have cable so I can’t binge-watch the Hallmark Channel.  But luckily for me, the library owns a lot of the movies.  To find the whole list just put  “Hallmark Channel holiday collection” in the search bar. 

I wanted to highlight a few of these themed movies for you.  It is not Christmas at my house until all the family sits down and watches Almost Christmas together.  This romantic comedy  is about a crazy family and all their quirks but the romance centers around one of the daughters and the next door neighbor’s son. Continue reading “Romantic Christmas Movies”

The Romance of Reality TV

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Romance reality TV. Specifically, lately, it has been 90 Day Fiance, including the spinoff show, The Other Way.  Since I am watching this on a streaming service, I am always a season or two behind. Unlike others, I started my obsession with reality TV by watching The Amazing Race. It wasn’t always romance as such on there; oftentimes the opposite when it was couples. My husband and I would compare ourselves to the racers and see if we thought we could do better, or if we would have the same fights. One thing we both knew for sure was that we never would have done as well as the contestants.

Continue reading “The Romance of Reality TV”

A Lovecraft Country Syllabus

Matt Ruff at the library

Matt Ruff might have a new book out this year – 88 Names – but the reason he is one of my favorite people of 2020 is due to the HBO series Lovecraft Country.  It is based on his book of the same name, but Misha Green the creator took it to a whole new level!  Since I have an English degree I have always been into TV shows where there is so much more to the story.  Lost is one of my all-time favorite TV shows, except I don’t watch Season 6.  My husband laughs at me when I say how much I love Lost and Lovecraft Country because I also say I am not a huge science fiction fan when it comes to movies or books. Continue reading “A Lovecraft Country Syllabus”

Dysfunctional Holidays

I don’t know about you, but for me this has been a very, very long year.  Between Covid-19, the election, and the Black Lives Matter Movement there has been a lot of family tension.  With the holidays coming up it makes it even harder to think of those family dynamics coming into play.  While quarantine has given us the opportunity to have that distance this is also a time to come together and reconcile with family, if you so choose.

Whether you decide to continue a relationship with your family or whether it is time to cut it off – only you know what is right for you. Here are a few books that have been gathered to help make those important decisions.

When Difficult Relatives Happen to Good People: Surviving your Family and Keeping Your Sanity by Leonard Felder

This book is about accepting the fact that things are as they are and ways to cope and reframe how you view toxic relatives. Using that family time to create heartfelt connections, while being aware that there are difficult relatives and it Continue reading “Dysfunctional Holidays”