Dragons, wolves and bears in love – oh my!

Are you stuck in the winter doldrums? Perhaps you need some sexy romance novels to spice up these last winter days – why not add some steamy shapeshifting surprises to raise the temperature?

Isabel Cooper has a number of books about the dragon shapeshifting clan the MacAlasdairs. Her latest trilogy, Dawn of the Highland Dragon, takes us back to medieval Scotland during its time fighting for autonomy – a fight to which the MacAlasdairs bring their special fire-breathing skillset. Highland Dragon Warrior, the first book in the trilogy, introduces us to Cathal MacAlasdair. With a friend cursed by a wizard, he must enter into a partnership with alchemist Sophia Metzger, sacrificing part of himself in the process.

In Silver Silence by Nalini Singh, Silver Merchant is a telepath and the head of an aid organization that responds to terrorism. When her life is threatened, a bear changeling clan takes her in to protect her. Protected in their heavily fortified compound, Silver comes into increasing contact with the alpha of the clan, Valentin Nikolaev. As Silver and Valentin leave the compound to track down a shadowy faction that wants to undermine a peace treaty, they’ll have to balance work and their attraction. This is a prequel to the long running Psy/Changeling series, and is a good place to hop in. Continue reading “Dragons, wolves and bears in love – oh my!”

Romantic Wednesdays: Catching Up with Romantic Suspense

Posted by Eric G.

Authors and publishers have wasted no time releasing new romance titles for 2015, and dozens of savvy library patrons are already on the request lists! While waiting for the new ones, this is a great time to read the previous titles from top romantic suspense authors.

River Road in the Library catalogLocal author Jayne Ann Krentz never keeps her fans waiting long for another smart, sexy and suspenseful tale, and she released Trust No One just after the New Year. Naturally, there are at least 100 people already waiting for this one! Her previous book, 2014’s River Road, bends and twists like its title, and you have a much better chance of picking it up today! Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Catching Up with Romantic Suspense”

Adult Summer Reading Challenge: Paranormal Romance

– posted by Selby G.

Part 4 of our Adult Summer Reading Challenge focusing on subgenres of romance.

This week’s romance subgenre is a doozy and, admittedly, the reason I started reading romance novels. Paranormal romance is all the weird stuff. Men (and women) who can shape-shift into tigers (or just about any other animal you can think of), angels who fall in love with demons and naughty little mermaids. The creativity in this genre blows my mind and I am forever searching for the strangest mixture I can find.

Heart of the Highland Wolf in the Library catalogTiger Magic in the Library catalogLove in the Time of Dragons in the Library catalog

Continue reading “Adult Summer Reading Challenge: Paranormal Romance”

Adult Summer Reading Challenge: Contemporary Romance

By Selby G.

Set in the here and now, contemporary romance novels deal not only with love but also current social issues. Single motherhood, military members with PTSD and illness feature heavily in these works. Contemporary romance can run the gambit from chaste kisses between potential partners in an idyllic small town to drinking too much in Vegas and waking up to find out you married a tattooed rocker the night before. There is a contemporary romance novel out there to fit any taste. Here are a few to get you started:

Bet Me in the Library catalogBig Sky Secrets in the Library catalogNatural Born Charmer in the Library catalogIn Too Deep in the Library catalog Continue reading “Adult Summer Reading Challenge: Contemporary Romance”

Romantic Wednesdays: Recent Favorites

~posted by Eric G.

Every month, librarians across the country contribute to LibraryReads, a site that features top ten lists of new, noteworthy books. These lists cover books across all genres that are often missing from other lists, from self-help books to biographies to romance. Here are some recent romance favorites from our nation’s librarians.

Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda JonesSixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones

Yes, this is the sixth entry in the series, so if you haven’t started yet with First Grave on the Right, rest assured that this genre-bending adventure keeps getting better! Prepare for plenty of humor, horror, hijinks and heat with Charley Davidson, a private investigator who also happens to be a Grim Reaper. Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Recent Favorites”