Romantic Wednesdays: Paranormal New Orleans

If you’ve ever walked the streets of New Orleans, you recognize that there is something beautiful and decadent and just plain eerie about the place. New Orleans is a city where you can feel the past walk beside you; its history creeps in between the cracks of its sidewalks and seeps along the alleyways of the French Quarter. It’s not just the age of the city, it’s the layers of the history, it seems as if its past never quite lays itself to rest.

interview with the vampire by anne riceNew Orleans has become a setting of choice for tales of the paranormal ever since Anne Rice forced Daniel Malloy to sit down and listen to Louis’ recounting his story of life as a vampire in Interview with a Vampire. Louis’ home was a plantation outside New Orleans in 1790.

It’s entirely possible that Interview with a Vampire is responsible for both popularizing vampires as soulful, romantic heroes and fixing New Orleans in the mind as an eerie place to set such stories. Perhaps Louis and Lestat are Edward Cullen’s great-grand-vamp-parents? Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Paranormal New Orleans”

Romantic Wednesdays: Fall for a New Author

Another summer has ended in Seattle, and soon the rain, early sunsets and colder temperatures will keep many of us indoors. It may sound grim, but it’s perfect weather for discovering new authors! Though they are relatively new, each of the following authors has written several books to date, with more on the way in the coming rainy months.

Unveiled book cover by Courtney Milan The Chocolate Thief by Larua Florand First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones






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Romantic Wednesdays: Paperbacks to go!

When we started this weekly romance post several months ago, our goal was to highlight the extensive collection of romance titles available for checkout from The Seattle Public Library. But did you know that the Library also has a significant number of paperbacks that don’t appear in our catalog? We order these books in addition to regular copies, and quite a few are romance titles. Best of all, they have no official due date! Just return them to any location of The Seattle Public Library when you finish. As you pack for your late summer vacation, or even just a day in the park, don’t forget to stop by your local branch and pick up a few paperbacks! Be warned, though: these hot new titles won’t be on the shelf long! Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Paperbacks to go!”

Romantic Wednesdays: Paranormal romance vs. urban fantasy

Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy are like kissing cousins. Considering all the vampires and werewolves involved, maybe that should be biting cousins.

The big difference between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance is usually where the focus is placed in the story. It’s not that Paranormal Romances can’t include an other-than-human hero or heroine, or that the main character can’t be solve crimes in the supernatural community. Likewise, there are urban fantasy series where the hero or heroine does manage to combine crime-fighting or beast hunting with a successful love life…eventually.Click here to view Storm Front by Jim Butcher in SPL catalog

I think the poster boy for Urban Fantasy is Harry Dresden, from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. In the first book in the series, Storm Front, Harry is the only wizard listed in the Chicago telephone directory. Harry is a private investigator, and the focus of all the stories in the series is on Harry solving whatever crime or other dastardly deed has threatened the peace of his city. Occasionally, Harry’s love life is less than awful, but it never lasts long and usually ends badly, tragically, or both. Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Paranormal romance vs. urban fantasy”

The Vampire List, Part 1: Love Bites

cover of blood moonSo you want to read a vampire story. Your interest is understandable — they are compelling. But before you begin this journey, I warn you, once you start on this path, there’s no turning back. There are legends of a cure of course, but really, once a vampire groupie, always a vampire groupie. What’s worse is you can still maintain a fairly normal life even when half your mind is always thinking, “You know what would make this moment truly awesome? Vampires.” So before you pick up that first tale, remember this warning: Vampires are forever.

Over the next few weeks I will be presenting a series of lists containing authors and the vampire stories they write. For your convenience, these lists will be broken down into four main categories: Romance, Urban Fantasy, Traditional/Classic and Nontraditional/Modern.  As there has been a recent boom in the world of vampire romance, we’ll start the lists with stories about love.


Vampires generally have one thing in common: history. Look for these titles and others by these authors who write about the vampires of the past and the women Continue reading “The Vampire List, Part 1: Love Bites”