The Joys of Winter Gardening

There’s nothing like a sunny Seattle day during the long dreary winter, especially for those who like to garden. The minute the sun breaks through that cloud cover, even just for a few minutes, you’ll see gardeners all over the city trying to get things in order. For those willing to brave the colder months, though, dedicated winter gardening can offer rewards and surprises that feel extra special. Want to see what’s possible in the world of winter gardening? Here are a few titles to guide and inspire.

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How To Identify Spring Flowers

-posted by Nicole S.

If you are like me, you stop and smell flowers. From swampy skunk cabbage to the lovely rose, we are lucky to live in a temperate climate and a city of horticulturists – where flowers abound year round. But if you are also like me, you do not know many plant names or flowering times. Yet wouldn’t we all like to shower our friends with Latin nomenclature while out walking our neighborhoods (Narcissus poeticus sounds so much cooler than “daffodil”)?

This spring, dig a little deeper into botany and plant identification with these books from our catalog:

Seeing Flowers: Discover the Hidden Life of Flowers cover imageSeeing Flowers: Discover the Hidden Life of Flowers by Terri Dunn Chace.

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