Celebrate Native American Heritage Month through poetry

National Native American Heritage Month, observed in November, honors the histories, cultures, and contributions – historical and ongoing – of American Indians and Alaska Natives. Here are a few suggestions of poets to read in celebration, both this month and all year; you can also find this list in our catalog. Or check out the much more comprehensive list at the Poetry Foundation; or Sherman Alexie’s 2013 list of Top 10 Native American poets. Continue reading “Celebrate Native American Heritage Month through poetry”

Quick Reads That Make My Queer Heart Skip A Beat

Quick Reads

Introducing Teddy by Jess Walton. I don’t even know where to begin with this sweet and tender children’s book without spoiling it. Jess Walton knocks it out of the park with this one: it’s a children’s book that has a transgender character that isn’t rejected and who doesn’t perpetuate the stereotype that transgender people are born in the wrong bodies. There may or may not have been tears when I read this picture book the first time, but there were definitely gender feels. Continue reading “Quick Reads That Make My Queer Heart Skip A Beat”

The Wondrous World of the Central Library

Oddfellow's OrphanageEmily Winfield Martin is the writer of the blog The Black Apple that I have been following for eons it seems. She has also written a few children’s books that are beautiful, delightful, and available from the library; one being Oddfellow’s Orphanage. That particular story tells us about Delia, a silent albino girl, who discovers a family of sorts in the other children living at Oddfellow’s Orphanage. Continue reading “The Wondrous World of the Central Library”

Book Bingo: Collection of Poetry

Join The Seattle Public Library and Seattle Arts & Lectures for our 2nd annual Summer Book Bingo for adults! Follow us throughout the summer for reading suggestions based on each category.

collection of poetryOur guest blogger today is Rebecca Hoogs, Associate Director of Seattle Arts & Lectures. Rebecca curates and manages the Literary Arts Series, Poetry Series, Hinge, and SAL Presents. She is the author of the poetry collection Self-Storage. She’s here to share some poetry titles to help you fill the “Collection of Poetry” square.

Poetry, I would argue, is the perfect summer reading. Even when the content or language is dense, it feels spacious surrounded by the bright white sunlight of the page. Poems offer breathing room. And books of poetry are even better: there is no need to read chronologically; you are free to meander, stop, start, get lost, pop into that little metaphor without a care for time. You don’t always know where you’re going to end up—in fact, the journey and the surprise of where you arrive are the pleasures. Reading a good poem is like having a glass of wine with lunch—an indulgence that encourages you to slow down and savor each word. Continue reading “Book Bingo: Collection of Poetry”

The Language of Water: Poetry on Buses

Image courtesy of avocadogirlfriend on flikrBy Library Staff

Do you have a thirst for verse? Well, there’s a way to quench it! The Poetry on Buses Public Art Program, a partnership between 4Culture and Metro Transit, invites poets of all inclinations to submit a poem around a particular theme.  The 2016 theme is “Your Body of Water” and the Office of Arts & Culture, Sound Transit, Seattle Public Utilities, King County Water and Land Division and The Seattle Public Library are also taking the plunge. Continue reading “The Language of Water: Poetry on Buses”