Inside the Story: Immersive and Personal Journalism

Memoir tends to be subjective, while journalistic writing aims at objective treatment of a topic. Then there are those books that combine these strengths, exploring a topic of interest from within, either through the eyes of someone whose experience gives them a revealing perspective, or a journalist who immerses themselves in the world they’re writing about. In both cases, the results can be both highly informative and deeply moving.

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The 2016 Elections: Library Resources

The mission of The Seattle Public Library is to bring people, information and ideas together to enrich lives and build community. We value equality, inclusion and openness and strive to be welcoming safe spaces. No matter what the current events are locally and beyond, the Library provides a collection of materials to patrons of all ages, backgrounds, and opinions. Over the last few weeks, library staff have answered many people’s questions about the recent elections and helped them with finding information. Below you will find some lists created by librarians at The Seattle Public Library to address topics we’ve been asked a lot about lately.

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Election Season: Required Viewing

It’s safe to say that this election season is shaping up to be unlike any other in recent memory. Candidates are angry. Voters are angry, and frustrated. These three films – two features and a documentary – help us understand how we’ve gotten to this point. Continue reading “Election Season: Required Viewing”

Where East Meets West

For hundreds of years, Turkey has been a crossroads between European and Asian culture, politics, business and art. Turkey’s influence has also been wide-ranging– the Hungarian fondness for paprika is a remnant of the time that Hungary was part of the Ottoman Empire, and the pungent spice was brought to its citizens from the motherland. This identity as a point of intersection has become a crucial aspect of political affairs in today’s Turkey. Turkey is one of the few countries that can have mainly positive relationships with European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries simultaneously, even as they war against each other. Continue reading “Where East Meets West”

Tell them what you think!

People so often disagree with what is going on with Congress, their state legislature, their city council and you have the option of voting them out of office…but how often do you actually tell them what you think?

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