Mushroom Mania

Chanterelles picked by me from an undisclosed location. Photo by Abby B., used with permission

Autumn in Seattle means rain and lots of it. While many Seattle residents are indoors moaning about the miserable weather, a few of us are rubbing our hands with glee as the drops fall. We are the wild mushroom hunters, and this is our favorite time of year. On any given fall day after it rains, we’ll be out in the woods stalking chanterelles (pictured above), hedgehogs, king boletes (commonly known as porcini) and many other delicious wild edibles found in abundance throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Some people think it’s crazy to pick and eat wild mushrooms; “Aren’t  you afraid of getting poisoned?” is a common question. My response is that I only eat mushrooms that I am 100% sure are tasty edibles. A good rule of thumb is: When in doubt, throw it out! The Seattle Public Library owns many helpful guidebooks Continue reading “Mushroom Mania”