Not Just Another Book About Women in Rock

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Women have always been a part of rock and roll – as musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, promoters, critics, fans and much more. Yet their stories have often been overlooked in rock writing. Thankfully, this myopia is finally receiving a serious corrective, with more and more women writing about their involvement in the rock world.

In the last few years, pioneering figures such as Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart), Cherie Currie (The Runaways), Viv Albertine (The Slits) and most recently, Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) have all penned memoirs detailing their experiences in a traditionally male-dominated arena. Music critics like Laina Dawes and Sara Marcus have examined the complex intersection of race, gender and rock in the predominantly white male subcultures of heavy metal and punk. Continue reading “Not Just Another Book About Women in Rock”

Movie Mondays: Punk’s Not Dead!

Well, not at SIFF anyways. I always look forward to the festival’s music documentaries (which are conveniently grouped together by mood—“Face the Music” in this year’s event guide), and this year I noticed a common theme in the films that caught my eye: they’re all about PUNK in some shape or form.

If you love punk music, or are just curious about this multifarious musical movement, here are three must-see films that span several decades of punk history (and even continents!). Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Punk’s Not Dead!”

Good Shouters

I was raised listening to two bands: the Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Now that I’m older, I can fully appreciate Mick Jagger’s swagger and his singing, but as a child, I much preferred McCartney and Lennon. Why? Easy. Because they were shouters.

Since then, I’ve gravitated toward the shouting musicians. Punk is fun, and there’s lots of yelling to be found, but I prefer melodic, pop-y shouters.

A Short List of Good Shouters
The Beatles
Elvis Costello
Frank Black (The Pixies)
David Yow (Jesus Lizard)
Paul Westerberg (The Replacements)
The Violent Femmes
Jack White (The White Stripes, etc.) Continue reading “Good Shouters”