Finding Potter’s Field: Indigent Burial in the United States

A patron recently called the library to ask what happens when someone dies without means to pay for cremation or burial. In some cases, such a person might have no living relatives. In others, the identity of the deceased is simply unknown.

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Color Fascination

by Richard C.

Toddlers. Oh my gad. Working at the library I walked by one the other day and saw her point out her little finger at a colorful book. Just barely, ever so softly, I heard her whisper… “rainbow.” Well. Thoroughly and utterly moved by her little murmur – I’m easily moved; it’s why I work in libraries – I decided I’ve been taking color fascination for granted.

So, here are some great color-related books that may be fun for children; here are some others for adults; and here below are two terrific books helping me rediscover some really cool things about color: Continue reading “Color Fascination”