New Years Resolution: Read More Books!

Coming to you from the cyberpunk dystopia that really needs to end, pleasepleaseplease, a series of New Year’s Resolution themed posts because the only way out is through.

So, you’ve decided to read more for your New Year’s resolution. Excellent choice! Books are good for you, can help you learn a new skill, and are the perfect distraction from :gestures at literally everything:.

You (read: me) may have resolved in previous years to read more and failed, but this year will be different! We will NOT repeat the mistakes of yesteryear. This year we’re making a Plan! Of! Attack!!!

Step 1: Resolve to read more. Congrats, we already did it, I’m so proud of us!

Step 2: Decide on your goal. How many books Continue reading “New Years Resolution: Read More Books!”

2019 Reading Resolutions

Image of two shelves of booksIt’s the end of December, a time when many are setting New Year’s Resolutions, although I personally prefer to just go with a list of goals. Whatever your terminology, perhaps you’re considering a reading resolution? If you’d like to undertake one but you’re unsure where to start, here are a few ideas:

Image for Goodreads 2019 reading challengeThe most basic reading resolution of all is to simply set a target number of books to read over the course of the year. Perhaps consider how many you read last year, and go from there. You could choose the same number, or increase the number to challenge yourself. Continue reading “2019 Reading Resolutions”