Gene Luen Yang: National Storyteller

If we were to conjure a favorite high school teacher, one who’s smart, funny, innovative, caring, honest, and ever so talented, Gene Luen Yang would fit to a T. So personable a speaker, he can reach you through his website videos. Most writers share their deepest thoughts and ideas through their books, but to also be able to speak eloquently and touch audiences of children, teens or adults, well, Gene is in a rock star category all his own. As an award-winning cartoonist, author, and the Library of Congress’ fifth National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, he is proudly a teacher first. His inspiration as a writer is firmly rooted in his 17 year teaching experience as a high school computer science teacher. About that, he declares, “…honestly, I miss it. I miss my students, and my co-workers. I miss having to put on pants to go to work.” A very funny guy to boot. Continue reading “Gene Luen Yang: National Storyteller”