African American Romance Writers

February is Black History Month and with Valentine’s Day approaching we want you to get passionate about some romance series that we love, written by African American authors.

If you haven’t read anything by the prolific author Beverly Jenkins by now, we highly recommend you begin any of her numerous series. She’s a seasoned author known for her award-winning historical romance novels. Try her latest book, Rebel, from her new series Women Who Dare. Set in post-Civil War New Orleans, Valinda Lacy has a passion for teaching recently emancipated children and adults how to read and write. However, there are many who are unhappy with the outcome of the war and when she’s threatened by racist villains, the hero, Drake LeVeq, saves her from her attackers. As the reader, you can’t help falling in love with these characters and will swoon over the development of their romantic relationship. Though this novel is set in a painful time period, Beverly Jenkins has the magic to balance sorrow with beauty that will surely delight you. Continue reading “African American Romance Writers”

Let’s Celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Week April 21-27

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the world? Do you find yourself horrified by events in the news? Are you shocked by things that happen in society? Do you ever witness the injustices that happen to others? Do you ever wish there was something you could do to help? Continue reading “Let’s Celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Week April 21-27”

What’s on your coffee table?

Inspire and impress visitors with intriguing books on your coffee table brought home from your local library. Not only will you save yourself a ton of money, but you and your guests will be constantly stimulated with a rotating collection of new books. Order some online, or stop by your local library and visit our sometimes “hidden” oversize books collection. Continue reading “What’s on your coffee table?”