Los Bros Hernandez continue to amaze

Should they ever award a Nobel Prize in Literature to a cartoonist, the debate might focus solely on which Los Bros Hernandez deserves it most. Gilbert and Jamie Hernandez are best known for their comic book series Love and Rockets which they created with their brother Mario in the early 1980s. Los Bros Hernandez have been so good for so long readers can almost develop excellence fatigue, Continue reading “Los Bros Hernandez continue to amaze”

Comic book memoirs and family secrets

Several talented cartoonists have used comics memoir (also called graphic memoir) to chronicle their family stories. Alison Bechdel has rightly received much acclaim for her books Fun Home and Are You My Mother? which closely examine her relationships with her father and mother respectively. Below are several more comics which deftly explore complex familial relationships.

YNN3 cover imageYou’ll Never Know Trilogy by C. Tyler

Over the course of the You’ll Never Know Trilogy, Tyler explores her relationship with her father by examining his traumatic World War II experiences and how they shaped her childhood. Tyler also details her present day relationship with her parents and the challenges she faces in raising her own daughter. Lush watercolors and innovative design frequently give the books the feel of a personal artifact or family album. Continue reading “Comic book memoirs and family secrets”