Reports on the Death of the Romantic Comedy are Greatly Exaggerated

For years, romantic comedies (rom coms) have been few and far between, and those that were released were often small budget indie films that were a hit with critics but did little at the box office. Then a little movie called Crazy Rich Asians came along…is it the beginning of a rom com renaissance?

While they weren’t blockbusters, there have been several rom coms over the past few years that have pleased both audiences and critics. While you wait for Crazy Rich Asians to come out on DVD,check out these three rom coms with diverse casts and storylines.

The Big Sick
Pakistani stand-up comic Kumail Nanjiani and grad student Zoe Kazan fall in love, but their relationship is complicated by Kumail’s Muslim parents and Zoe’s sudden illness. More romantic than funny, the film earned accolades for its realism and warmth, and the cross-cultural themes that added new dimensions to the rom com formula.

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Movie Mondays: Indies Rule the Rom-Com

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There was a time when romantic comedies ruled the box office. Today? Not so much, according to this article from Vanity Fair. In 2014, the most popular rom-com at the box office was the well-regarded remake of About Last Night with an African-American cast – and it ranked 65th for the year. The only other major rom-com was Blended, coming in at #69 – and the third time wasn’t the charm for Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, who delighted audiences with their previous efforts The Wedding Singer and 50 First DatesFor the best rom-coms from last year, we have to dig a little deeper. Here are four of the years best – all modest independent films – with their box office ranking. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Indies Rule the Rom-Com”