Romantic Wednesdays: Spell Books

Posted by Eric G.

There is no shortage of romance books featuring witches, supernatural creatures and magical goings-on. One of the most prominent tales of the past few years is A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. For fans of this book, the third and final chapter, The Book of Life, is due in July! I’ve conjured a few more titles that are worth checking out in the meantime.

The Book of Life by Deborah HarknessWould-be Witch by Kimberly FrostMark of the Witch by Maggie Shayne Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Spell Books”

Romantic Wednesdays: Mary Stewart, First Lady of Romantic Suspense

mary stewart

~posted by Marlene H.

Mary Stewart was arguably one of the pioneers of the genre that we now call romantic suspense. Before her, there was gothic horror, where the heroine inevitably does something stupidly dangerous and waits to be rescued, but that isn’t quite the same thing. And there was contemporary romance, where the entire story is about finding Mr. or Ms (except it was Miss in those days) Right. Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Mary Stewart, First Lady of Romantic Suspense”